yogananda As often as you fail, get up and try again. God will never let you down, so long as you don't let Him down, and so long as you make the effort.. –––Paramahansa Yogananda babaji Give Kriya to all who humbly ask you for help. Repeat to each of your disciples this majestic promise from the Bhagavad-Gita [II:40]: Swalpamapyasya dharmasya trayate mahato bhayat. ['Even a little practice of this dharma (religious rite or righteous action) will save you from great fear (mahato bhayat)' — the colossal sufferings inherent in the repeated cycles of birth and death. –––Mahavatar Babaji If we do not work for individual transformation, talking about world peace is just entertainment. ––––Sadguru sadhguru sunset Ananda Moy Ma Essentially there is only He and He alone, although everyone has his own individual path that leads to Him. What is the right path for each, depends on his personal predilection, based on the specific character of his inner qualifications. ––––Sri Anandamayi MA Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you. –––Jesus jesus spiritual quote