Are You Hiding Your Spirituality?

I was recently part of a summit on Mindfulness and Creativity and the host mentioned on a couple of occasions that I was not afraid to talk about spirituality and that people often fear to reveal their true beliefs and experience because they are afraid of being judged and viewed as some woo-woo weirdo.   She seemed to imply that there was something special about me because I was rather forthright in my expressions.  I don’t feel there is anything special about me, rather I made a choice to honor my direct experience and attempt to align myself what I perceive to be “truth.”  Let me explain.


Sankhya Yoga Philosophy discusses two levels of mind: manas and buddhi.  Manas is the state of awareness or mind that exists when consciousness is identified with the body and physical senses. Most people live in this state, and it consists of the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Western psychology focuses upon this state of being. You can refer to my book, “Sacred Healing: Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy,” for a greater discussion.


Buddhi is the state of awareness that exists when consciousness is identified with the soul and the life force energy is elevated to the higher centers in the brain. This is the superconscious and more subtle perceptions arise from this state. A discrimitive intellect and enhanced intuitive perception arise from this state.  Sankhya philosophy regards this level of being as our true state and the perceptions from manas as grounded and identified with delusion.  This view suggests that Western psychology is more focused on the delusion of physical/material reality being the true existence. We know now that modern quantum physics reveals that everything is energy and thought and that the essence of reality is not material, but consciousness itself.


Truth exists at different levels. There is psychological truth: that might be called the authentic self. Many people are afraid to reveal their true feelings and find their voice because of fear–fear of loss. They are more concerned about fitting in and not being judged than honoring their true self. We pay an enormous price when we make this choice. We lose a depth of creativity, emotional intimacy, and personal power. The spoken word has more power when we speak the truth. Our ability to manifest is increased when we align ourselves in thought and deed with the truth. People can often sense when someone is not authentic, and therefore are not trusted. Our greatest standup comics, artists, and actors have found a real and authentic connection with their “Self” and it shows in their expression. We are moved and honor them.


Truth also exists on the subtle realms of consciousness and spirit. Not everyone is privy to these subtle perceptions. There is a beauty on the subtle realms and this reality is marked by a profound sense of peace, love, and joy–even bliss if you go deep enough.  Life takes a magical turn when perceptions from this level are honored.  Our ability to perceive this subtle realm and directly experience consciousness as energy enhances our intuition, our ability to heal others, and perceive wisdom beyond the mind.


For those who have done the work and are blessed with this level of awareness, it is painful to deny this reality and live in the world of fear and delusion. Personal power is lost, the heart is filled with pain, and a sense of isolation and separation results.  Awakened Consciousness lives in a state of unity. Spirit is experienced in every aspect of creation and all circumstances. Joy is found within, not from one’s outer circumstances that give temporary fulfillment of one’s desires.


So, I suggest it is a simple choice to honor one’s true nature. We might wonder, what gives people the strength to express their deeper spiritual beliefs and reality. Let’s be honest, it is not an easy choice. It does take courage to be authentic at every level. Humanity is filled with judgments, envy, greed, anger, and a lust for power. The “ego consciousness” of “manas” does not take kindly perceptions of truth.  It is threatened by this higher reality and attempts to undermine this more enlightened level of being.


This inner courage and strength is often the result of love. An individual who has been touched by this higher state of being is also touched by love from Spirit. It is this love that motivates individuals to honor themselves as a direct expression of Spirit. Life takes on greater meaning when we open to the hand of Spirit and learn to align our will with the will of God. Surrender and devotion are the keys to this unfoldment. It does take maturity, good intuition, and the capacity for critical thinking to find our way on this challenging path.


In conclusion, I encourage you to reflect and introspect and determine if you are honoring your true, authentic self and have the courage to speak up when it is appropriate. You can be a great force to inspire others and offset the tremendous amount of darkness, fear, anger, and delusion that is present in everyday life.  Your life will have greater meaning and purpose when you do.  Your presence as a conscious being can have a great impact. Consciousness is energy and your authentic connection to Self and Spirit can have a positive impact on this world. You don’t even have to say anything–just be present in an authentic, loving state.


Finally, if you want to deepen your connection to Self and Spirit, find some time to meditate daily–quiet your mind, go inside, and open your heart to Spirit. The Bible states, “Ask and you shall receive.”  It all starts with a simple heartfelt request: Reveal Thyself, Reveal Thyself!


If you are new to the spiritual path and would like some direction, you can find many resources at


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