Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down

Bouncing Back
Inspirational Stories from World Class Athletes

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I had a wonderful five minute interview on Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down. Click the link to view it now.
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Hear Dr. Mann read, Bouncing Back.

The Bouncing Back Book provides the Eight Fundamental Principles for success and recovery during life's most difficult times. This book is based upon interviews with World Class athletes like Jim Brown, Doug DeCinces, Dick Fosbury, Lee Brandon and Jose Torres.

Bouncing Back allows the reader to explore the deeper underlying psychological and spiritual dynamics that motivated and inspired these great athletes. You will be surprised and awakened by their stories and honest revelations about the source of their success.

Dr. Mann shares the depth of his wisdom and understanding about life in this book. He takes these interviews to the next level and integrates this information with profound psychological and spiritual teachings. You will not only be entertained by this stories, but will also be given the help you need when life gets tough.

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Published by Morgan James. 207 pages.

Each chapter provides a questionnaire for self analysis on each principle. Take the Adjustment self analysis and see how you do.

Answer the following questions: True or False

  1. When I think of trying something new or different, I often feel afraid.
  2. I am afraid to make mistakes.
  3. I tend to repeat familiar patterns and behaviors, even if they do not seem to work out well.
  4. I have a tendency to try to hold on to what I have achieved.
  5. I do not like to change.
  6. I can be a little lazy.
  7. I resist other people’s ideas.
  8. I believe my ideas are the best.
  9. I find it difficult to find solutions for new problems.
  10. I get angry when things do not go as I expected.
  11. I find myself getting stuck in old and familiar patterns of thinking and behavior.
  12. I typically do what is most comfortable.
  13. I often mistrust my own gut feelings.
  14. I am very cautious about trying new things.
  15. I am not very interested in feedback from others.

If you answered “true” to two or more of the above items, you may need to do some personal work in the area of adjustment.

Table of Contents


The Eight Fundamental Principles for Recovery


1: The Lineup
Jim Brown
Doug DeCinces
Lee Brandon
Dick Fosbury
Diego Corrales
Buck Rogers
José Torres

2: The First Principle: The Ability to Adjust Allows You to Adapt to New and Changing Realities

Learn to Live in the Present
Directions for Corrections

3: The Second Principle: Believe in Yourself and Open Doors to Great Possibilities.
More On Belief in Oneself
Buck Rogers on Self-Belief
Doug DeCinces and Steroids
Directions for Corrections

4: The Third Principle: Rise Above Your Conditioning and Societal Pressures to Unleash Your Personal Power

Directions for Corrections

5: The Fourth Principle: Develop a Positive State of Mind to Exponentially Increase the Probability of Achieving Your Goals

Jim Brown
The Power of Thought
The Higher Mind
Cracks in the Mind
On Fear
Commentary—Overcoming Fear
Jim Brown
On Doubt
On Using the Power of the Mind for Manifestation
Self-Analysis—Positive State of Mind
Directions for Corrections

6: The Fifth Principle: A Depth of Heart Will Give You the Drive, Determination, and Inspiration to Persevere

The Accident
Diego Corrales
On Drive and a Strong Work Ethic
Directions for Corrections

7: The Sixth Principle: Spiritual Realization Can Awaken Within You a Depth of Wisdom, Faith, and Access to Unseen Forces that Will Support and Guide You in Your Most Difficult Times

Further Insights into the Mystery of Consciousness
More on Life’s Mystery
On the Human Spirit
Directions for Corrections

8: The Seventh Principle: Personal Coaching Will Allow You to Rapidly Learn, Adapt, and Change

On Coaching
Thoughts from Buck Rodgers
The Power of Spirit in Coaching
Directions for Corrections

9: The Eighth Principle: Emotional Intelligence Will Determine How Effectively You Can React and Respond in Highly Stressful Circumstances

The Awareness of Your Feelings
The Ability to Express Your Feelings
The Ability to Contain Your Feelings
The Ability to Organize Your Feelings
The Ability to Resolve Your Feelings
Self-Analysis—Emotional Intelligence
Directions for Corrections

10: Summary

Your Ability to Adjust Allows You to Adapt to New and Changing Realities
Believe in Yourself and Open Doors to Great Possibilities
Rise Above Your Conditioning and Societal Pressures To
Unleash Your Personal Power
Develop A Positive State of Mind to Exponentially Increase
the Probability of Achieving Your Goals
A Depth of Heart Will Give You the Drive, Determination, and
Inspiration to Persevere
Personal Coaching Will Allow You to Rapidly Learn, Adapt, and Change
Emotional Intelligence Will Determine How Effectively You
Can React and Respond in Highly Stressful Circumstances

11: Tools for Change

Mindful Awareness Training
Mantra Meditation
Affirmations—The Power of the Spoken Word
Learn to Surrender
Personal Action Plan
Commitment to Change
Potential Roadblocks to Change
Action Plan
Personal Support System
Timetable for Change

Bouncing Back: How To Recover When Life Knocks You Down

Phoenix, AZ ­­-- (March 24, 2010) We live in difficult times. People have suffered great loss in personal wealth, economic security, emotional well being, health, and trust in a better future. When hope is lost, fear takes over and physical and emotional breakdown result. Bouncing Back: How to Recover When life Knocks You Down (published by Morgan James), provides inspirational stories and simple proven methods to help individuals survive, recover, and prosper during life’s most challenging circumstances. Dr. Mann provides a wealth of information to help the reader manifest real, tangible success.

Dr. Ronald L. Mann has interviewed world-class athletes who have faced overwhelming and life-threatening circumstances and have emerged whole, intact, and victorious. Their inspirational stories provide the insight and direction for overcoming personal disasters and achieving great success in all aspects of life, both on and off the field. These great athletes such as football legend Jim Brown, boxing champions Jose Torres and Diego “Chico” Corrales, Olympic Gold Medalist and creator of the Fosbury flop in high jump Dick Fosbury, Baseball greats Doug DeCinces and Buck Rogers, and Women’s World Long Drive Campion Lee Brandon reveal personal insights and key principles that kept them engaged and preserving during their most difficult life tests. Doug Decinces replaced third base legend Brooks Robinson. Doug was twenty-four years old and had thirty thousand people booing him because he was not Brooks Robinson. His story is chilling and riveting.

Dr. Ronald Mann brings a life long understanding of psychology, spiritual development and peak performance coaching to this book. He is a best selling author of Sacred Healing: Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy and adds a depth of wisdom and insights into the life stories of these great athletes.

Dr. Mann and these great athletes demonstrate that, “If you can hold a positive mental state that affirms, ‘God will provide,’ you can be supported through the trials and tribulations of physical, psychological, and economic crises.” Bouncing Back provides the inspirational stories regarding this truth and shows you how to accomplish it.

Lee Brandon, the RE/MAX Women’s World Long Drive Champion, and had her arm surgically replaced after it was amputated in an accident when she was a teenager. She died on the operating table and had a profound death experience that brought her back to life and set her on a course of recovery, service and success. It took her seven years to rehab her arm and regain function. Her story provides both the psychological guidance and spiritual inspiration to find meaning, hope, purpose and direction when life gets really tough. She shares her amazing story regarding how she recovered and those who were most helpful in that process.

Bouncing Back goes far beyond great sports achievement. It provides the inspiration, guidance, and direction for a successful life during difficult and challenging times. Dr. Mann shares profound wisdom and gives you the tools to accomplish great things. “The mind and heart orchestrate what the body will do. When your mind is open to great possibilities, then greatness can follow.” Dr. Mann and these great athletes show you how to open your heart and integrate the depth of your psychological strengths with your spiritual realization to manifest what you need to recover and bounce back from disaster.

This book provides specific sections for self-analysis so you can determine your strengths and weaknesses and know exactly where you need to direct your efforts for recovery and self-improvement. Success, especially during the most challenging times, requires a degree of personal clarity and direction. Football’s great player, Jim Brown, shared his thoughts with Dr. Mann on this very topic. “If a human being gets pure enough, there wouldn’t be damn thing we couldn’t do. If we had the ability to internally go to the right state, we would probably fly.” How do we get to that pure state? Bouncing Back will guide you!

The great athletes like Doug DeCinces and Buck Rogers teach us that, “The wisest and most adaptive individuals have the inner strength and mental clarity to perceive what is right for them in that moment. They are not merely following old conditioning and blending in with convention.” Bouncing Back will give you the insight and technology to transform your life. This information is designed to provide a foundation for young people as well as adults of all ages to help them throughout life. These athletes were able to succeed and overcome adversity, and so can you. They explain the importance of coaching and openness to change.

Dr. Ronald L. Mann highlights the eight essential elements that drive peak performance and success during the most difficult of times and teaches the importance of adjustment, individuation, spiritual awareness, the ability to be coached, heart, positive mental state, emotional intelligence, and self-belief. These are the foundational qualities that have led to great preparation, recovery, and success. These are tested by the greatest athletes and are proven to work. Read Bouncing Back to find out how you are doing in these important areas and the simple, proven methods to change your life.

About the Author: Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D. is the bestselling author of Sacred Healing: Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy and writes a monthly column for the Arizona Golfer. The online version can be found at He can also be heard on Master the Mental Game Second Saturdays KWSS 106.7 FM, LISTEN LIVE
www.KWSS1067.comand radio blogs.