female warrior with dog


Key Thoughts to Consider

1.   To train a generation of individuals who have the skills and strength to protect and defend themselves, their families, communities, and nation; and

2.   To create a more peaceful and cooperative world with less hatred, conflict, and violence.

Successful security requires more than an arsenal of weapons: it requires an inner arsenal with a special mindset and degree of self-mastery!  What is in your heart and mind is as important as what is in your holster!

1. Strength of Self
2. Courage
3. Discipline
4. Integrity
5. Selflessness
6. Focus
7. Positive self-belief

When you have a split second to defend yourself, you will not have the time to figure out what you believe.

Self-doubt will undermine your sense of strength and ability to act decisively and courageously in a life-threatening situation.

Anger can be an ally or your worst inner enemy.

Courage grows and develops with training. In all aspects of life; self-defense, sports, business, or communication, we become more self-confident as we prepare and master our skill set. A warrior trains to prepare his or her body, mind, spirit and emotions for life’s tests and challenges.

A warrior does not become strong and competent by accident; it takes training and commitment. A half-hearted commitment to excellence does not result in great accomplishments. If you want to have confidence and be ready to step up in a life-threatening situation––train, prepare, learn to master your inner life.

Integrity is a quality that creates respect and trust from others and enhances personal strength and power.

A true warrior lives and acts for more than their personal comfort, protection, and gain, but also considers the welfare of others. Personal ego gratification and fulfillment become secondary to the highest good.

Unresolved emotions will disrupt our inner peace and distract our attention and concentration. Distraction in a time of crisis can be life threatening.

Greater personal awareness and self-mastery will help you live a more focused and peaceful life and be more prepared if you have to take action in a life-threatening situation.

Fear of death is a natural issue to arise in any discussion or preparation for an active shooter scenario. When the fear is so great, you may be immobilized and avoid taking any action, either proactive or reactive. You may place yourself and loved ones in more danger by being unable to prepare for a lethal threat or act to protect and defend yourself and loved ones.

Our ability to create a safe and secure environment goes far beyond our weapons and close combat training. Who we are, in our core, at a cellular level, has a profound effect on our environment and those around us. Our state of being creates a tangible vibration that impacts matter.

Self-mastery is more than learning some physical tactical skills and techniques. Mastery of self is the result of your ability to awaken and control your consciousness, i.e. awareness and life force energy.

A conscious warrior learns to use his or her will to direct the flow of energy and rise above the limitations of ordinary being.

Your body will not do what your mind believes to be impossible.

The real solution to the mass killings and daily homicides is not arms control, even though some reasonable measures need to be taken. The solution lies in the transformation of human consciousness. Human beings need to develop greater understanding, tolerance, and compassion.

Your intuitive perceptions can be very real and very helpful. Don’t be too quick to ignore your impressions and discount your sense of knowing.