Mindfulness Meditation and More!

Monk Meditating in Jungle with Tiger
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Welcome to this course on meditation. You will learn different types of meditation techniques and approaches as well as the theory which explains why meditation is so helpful.

You will learn methods and techniques for the following types of meditations:

  • Mindfulness Awareness
  • Yoga Chakra Awakening
  • Energy Self-Healing
  • Guided Meditations for Intuitive Perceptions
  • End of Life Transition Meditation (Great for Hospice Care)
  • Yogic Breathing for Peak Performance in Sports
  • Stress Reduction

Listen to all the lessons and learn the methods that work best for you.

Mindfulness Awareness has become very popular. It is a great method for becoming more present, living in the moment, calmer, learning to connect with your inner self.  However, there are additional methods that include learning to activate and control the life force (prana) which will speed up your process of awakening. This course offers you simple beginning meditation methods and more advanced approaches for personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

I have been practicing and teaching meditation for almost 50 years!  I am sharing with you the best of my teaching resources, audio and video, that I have created over that time. These productions come from my work as a spiritual teacher, sport’s psychologist, Executive Coach, and healer. These programs have been used by people worldwide.

If you were to purchase each of these individually, it would cost you around $300.00!  We live in difficult times and many, many people are stressed out, worn out, and confused. Young people are too focused upon social media and external factors.

I want to help you find great inner peace, health and wisdom, so I have reduced the price to $24.95.  What you will learn is actually priceless!

Here is a 4 minute sample for the 30 minute mediation, Chakra Meditation. It will give you an idea of the style and quality of these programs.



The following lessons can be viewed in any order you wish.

  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Mindful Awareness
  • Self Healing Meditations
  • Yogic Breathing for Peak Performance
  • Short Meditation for Corporate America
  • Soul Journey
  • Coming Home

I started using your guided meditation last night – it was terrific!  Really, I had some amazing images and sense of being transported – this is one of the easiest on-ramps I’ve experienced.

~Cyd West