zoneII_front2 copyFind the Zone II: Master the Mental Game is available in both CD and MP3 formats.   You may purchase the CD from and the MP3 instant download here on this page.

This new release provides three times as much information and training aids than the first CD.

It also discusses current research on sports psychology and quantum physics, and a very honest discussion of the deeper psychological issues that prevent success. Disk 2 has expanded guided meditations for concentration, stress-release, visualization training and inner mastery.


Disk 1: 74 minutes

Track 1: Introduction, Track 2: Research Findings, Track 3: The New Science, Track 4: Stories From the Field, Track 5: The Zone, Track 6: Yoga Philosophy, Track 7: Graduate Course, Track 8: Summary, Track 9: Wisdom From the Links

Disk 2: 74 minutes

Track 1: Introduction, Track 2: Self-Hypnosis for Stress Release, Track 3: Meditation Training, Track 4: On-course Yogic Breathing, Track 5: Programming Your Subconscious Mind, Track 6: Visualization Training, Track 7: Conclusion

I wanted to let you that I recently purchased your CD “Find The Zone”. I listened to it the other nite and took many notes. I played the other at my home course now, The Navy Golf Course at Seal Beach. I am a reserve in the navy. I played 7 previous rounds there and nothing lower than a 101. I had averaged 107 with all the scores. I took what notes I made from your cd and applied them the day I played. I went out there and blew all my stats away and also shot a scratch 87. I wanted to thank you for your time it took to make the cd and also teaching many things that I did not know. I truely believe in your teachings 100% plus. I recommend your CD to anyone that I know that plays golf. Sincerely.

Thomas Arensdorf

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