On Silence


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  1. Paul Mohr
    Paul Mohr says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful article! I enjoyed it immensely. Your ability to clearly communicate the most profound and esoteric features of Self-awakening; and the manner in which you translate the higher truths for a seeker who may have no in-depth background of practicing silence, meditation or “soul listening” is a gift!

    I really like the flow of the article: from concept to personal experience to citations of high profile sources (e.g. George Harrison, Steve Jobs, AWAKE, and the very popular – The Voice). Those citations make for supportive relevance and serves as an undeniable draw for the reader to give further exploration. There were several “catch phrases and “aha” sentences that I like, but I was struck by this one: “The nature of our Being becomes more important than what we do! Being is more important than Doing. Do less and Be more! What a paradox. This is the roadmap to move from ego consciousness to higher levels of spiritual awareness.”

    What a beautiful way to bridge initial interests toward your complete body of work and resources.

  2. Dani Gordon, Ph.D.
    Dani Gordon, Ph.D. says:

    I LOVED this piece! I tell you, the Universe really knows what it’s doing! I just started practicing TM a couple of weeks ago and I’m already feeling the benefits of the silence – I’m more grounded, more present, better able to manage daily stressors and just plain nicer. Eventually I’d like to try other more spiritual meditation, but I’m staring with something a bit more realistic at this time. What really resonated with me about your article was the profound connections you made between silence and spiritual growth that leads to service to humanity (and I would argue all living creatures on the planet). Your Sacred Healing book has been sitting on my bedside table ever since you gave it to me, I’m definitely feeling ready to start learning from it and using it with clients. Thanks so much for sharing this piece with me – it’s so important. I hope you are able to find ways of sharing it with more people which will then hopefully lead you to more work.

  3. Brother John
    Brother John says:

    You have a gift for writing, for sharing profound ideas in a very clear, simple, direct, and motivating way.


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