Dr. Mann offers a variety of coaching services to help you excel to the next level. He integrates his vast training in Clinical Psychology, Spiritual Development and Business Consulting in his approach.  He is available worldwide through Skype®.

Peak Performance Coaching: It is Not About What You Do, It Is About Who You Are!

Being your best in any aspect of life, whether it be in sports, business or personal relationships, requires a true and authentic connection with Self. Most people live on the surface: lost in the mind, identified with the ego, and only striving for more material gain. When the deeper Self is realized, then the door opens to subtle and powerful realms that allow for greater manifestation. Not everyone is ready and interested in really mastering peak performance –– Are you?

The fact is that the most successful individuals are open to coaching and learning. I have extensive training in Spiritual Development, Clinical Psychology, Business Development, Peak Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Eastern Meditation Practices and subtle energy healing. I am very intuitive and combine these methods to design individual programs to deal with life’s challenges in business, sports and personal lives. If you want to speak with someone who can really help you, contact me!  We can work together wherever you live through live, online video conferencing using Skype or Adobe Connect. Let’s talk and find out how we can transform your life.

PEAK PERFORMANCE COACHING will improve your game and your life.

The Calling

Do you want to take your life, game or business to the next level? Do you have great talent but do not produce under pressure? Do you get in your own way? Do you have the talent and potential to be more successful, but don’t make the final cut? Are you ready for success?

The Work

Dr. Mann offers individual and team coaching for sports, business and personal development. His Peak Performance Approach is designed to remove the mental and emotional blocks that limit one’s natural talent and ability perform and integrate the body, mind and soul. His approach helps individuals excel and teams to work together more harmoniously and efficiently. He integrates a variety of techniques and approaches that include: psychological awareness, expansion of consciousness, meditation, and yoga techniques and philosophy. All coaching programs are goal oriented and custom designed for each client.

Coaching Overview

Each business and client’s needs are unique, however, there are some common elements in the coaching process. The following is a general overview regarding the development of this process.


First we need to understand the vision you have for your life or business. We need to know what you have in mind and where you want to go. What exactly is it that you want to accomplish?

Goals & Objectives

Next we will identify and clarify your goals and objectives. We will create very specific goals and target dates to meet your objectives. These are measurable. You will be more successful when you are clear and specific about what you want to achieve.


Next, we will create a game plan to address your specific goals and objectives that are derived from your vision. We will map out a strategy to systematically address and accomplish your goals. In this process, we will address any personal issues that may prevent you from accomplishing your plan. We will also help you to deepen your intuitive capacities in order to more effectively and efficiently manage your time and accomplish your goals.


You need to be organized to accomplish complex tasks. We will examine your management approach and how you manage others. We will explore your organizational style from all perspectives: psychological, spiritual, business and electronic.


You need to maintain focus in order to effectively manage multiple projects. When you lose focus, you get off target. We will address how to enhance your capacity to focus and resolve any personal issues that limit you in this important area.


The mind is only one resource for planning and problem solving. Intuition and the attunement to collective energies provide you with additional sources of information needed for wise planning and decision-making.


Scaling requires delegation. The more you want to accomplish, the more you may need to involve others. You cannot “Work IN your business” and have time to “Work ON your business.” We will explore if you are maximizing your ability to effectively delegate and manage others.


Ultimately, all our exploration, insight and planning comes down to action: you need to act in order to accomplish your goals. We will track your action plan and keep you accountable. Any lack of necessary actions becomes fruit for further personal investigation.