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A Winning CEO Is NOT What You Think. 8 Factors You Need To Consider Now!

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The Need

Executives face many challenges in the current economic markets. A wide variety of skills are necessary to manage people, motivate teams, create a high performance culture and strategically plan for the future. Personal clarity regarding strengths and weakness becomes essential for personal growth and career success. Lack of self-awareness and an aversion to coaching will result in stagnation or failure.

The Work

Dr. Mann brings a depth of understanding and insight to the Executive Coaching process. He has worked with Mid-Level and Senior Management in large companies such as Ebay and Windstar and large successful law firms such as Littler Mendelson. He has also worked in the non-profit arena with the Self Realization Fellowship, Junior Achievement, United Way and the St. Joseph Center. He can help you identify your core strengths, learn to think more clearly and overcome your limitations. Being coachable is a key element for peak performance in any environment.

The Results

You will find that you work more effectively, efficiently and increase productivity. You will enhance your ability to inspire others. A coaching relationship will help you to clearly identify your goals and achieve them. You will also experience greater peace of mind and reduced stress, as you know you are moving along a successful career path.


“Since first hiring Dr. Mann nearly three years ago, I am continually astonished by his skillful coaching, and the positive results I have enjoyed. 

Specifically, I am inspired by his ability to:

1) Observe and Identify internal obstacles to my performance goals,

2) Articulate them in a straightforward manner, and

3) Generously assist me in plotting strategies to conquer said obstacles through his own insight and experiences.

He has cultivated his wisdom to an extent that few coaches in any field, can match. He is a master in the traditional sense. 

It would be my sincere pleasure to recommend him to ANY person considering his valuable services.”

Sean Walsh

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