I am now on a layover in Singapore. The flight from LA was long and as I was reading Victor Frankel’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” I had these thoughts about the coaching process.  I arrive in India later tonight.

Conference goals
This work is about a deeper purpose: not just about food or water. It is about developing leaders who have a vision for peace and a process to bring people together to work together for the betterment of others.
It is a coaches job to help find that deeper purpose and integrate a deeper meaning of life into our work. It is a coaches job to look deeper and help explore ways to keep aligned with our core self. A coach does not have the “answer” as such, but offers a process that leads to deeper realizations and alignment with our purpose. We help find meaning in life through a process of inquiry that reveals the truth about our nature, our purpose. We work together to stay on track and hold true to our mission.
This work demands constant introspection and an honest look into our daily progress. We must embody that which we wish to achieve. One aspect of Satya (truth) is to realize and align ourselves with our true nature. Our power to transform our environment and to uplift others comes from that deeper self. The atma , the soul. It is only human to be drawn away from this deeper alignment because of desires, attachments, and external influences. It is a process of remembering and recommitment. We choose to come back to our core self. Meaning crated by a project to help others. Collaborative work unites people in the heart.

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